my toilet creates a black ring around the base. i cleaned well and (attempted to) put caulk around. but after reading some of the posts here i have confirmed that leaking is not ok.

no odor around toillet. no small boys in the house. toilet seems to be unevenly installed, but only noticed when i was removing old caulk. the front of it seems to be a little high from the floor. toilet does not rock. when i bought the house my inspector told the old owners to tighten toilet to floor. i asked a plumber and was told it was installed ok. was reinstalled after floor was replaced. it is a house new to me, so i don't know if it was always leaking. house is about 10 years old.

should i just caulk and pretend it is ok.
should i call a plumber and see if it is a crack as you mentioned in a previous post.

thanks for having such a forum.