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Thread: Washing Machine not draining properly

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    Default Washing Machine not draining properly

    Hi...my washing machine isn't getting the water out of the clothes like it used to, but the problem only seems to be on one side of the wash tub. It seems to spin fine but I am wondering if the pump may be wearing out. The machine is close to 20 years old. Do you think it is reasonable price wise to try and fix it or, because of the age of the machine, would you suggest getting a new one. I apprecaite your opinion and recommendations.

    Irma Joyal

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    Let me start by saying that plumbers are not appliance repairmen. There may be some experience with appliances, but for the most part, that's the desmaine of appliance repairs.

    That said, I would guess that the problem may be a loose or worn belt. Unless you're seeing water laying in the bottom of the drum, it's the speed of the spin that extracts water from the clothing. Maytags were notorious for this, and required a kit to replace the belt and spring.


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