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Thread: safety valve- shower faucet

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    Default safety valve- shower faucet

    My plumber installed a new hot water heater- it was old and my daughter wasn't getting a really hot shower. he had mentioned that her faucet had a safety valve on it- Well she took a shower this morning and it was not that hot- the sink was VERY hot and the other shower was also- so i called my plumber and he said it has to be the safety valve and he would come and adjust it- anyone had this problem before?

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    If it was working before, it's probably not the temperature limiting feature. WHen the water was turned off, the spool-valve part in the pressure balance valve may have become stuck when the water was turned back on. Depending, it may just need cleaning and lubrication, or you may have to replace it.

    The temperature limit is normally easy to adjust. Take the handle off, remove the eschution plate, and adjust the screw (depends on the brand, this is typical). Should take all of a couple of minutes if the handle comes off easily. Servicing the spool valve would take a little longer, but not necessarily.

    Now, if your valve is quite old, it may not have that safety feature built-in, and it could just be some crud caught in the valve or debris screen.
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    it was not real hot before- and the heater was old- he had mentioned the safety valve so i know it's that- waiting on him to come and adjust the safety valve

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    Default valve

    It is not a safety valve, it is a temperature limiting stop. If the heater is adjusted lower than the old one was, which is most likely, then the output temperature at the old limit point will be cooler than if it is reset for the new temperature.

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    These hot limits on tub/shower valves often need resetting as the temperature of the water changes with the seasons. If I install a new valve in the warmer season The customer usually gets a lesson on its operation. There is no way to accomodate a 40 Degree F cold water supply temperature change without a thermostatic valve.


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