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Thread: adjusting home water pressure

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    Default adjusting home water pressure

    I Have A 2hp Sta Rite Vertical Water Well Jet Pump Well Is About 70 Ft Deep I Have Low Water Pressure In The Home All The Time. It Gets Better When The Pump Cuts On And Fills Up But When The Tank Nears Empty The Pressure Gets Really Low Until It Comes On. How Do You Adjust The Home Pressure On That Pump Is It By The Regulator And If So, Is It Higher The Number Higher The Pressure?

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    It sounds as if you need to check and adjust the air pressure in your pressure tank but...

    What does the pressure gauge say the pressure range is; I.E. 30/50 or 40/60 etc.?

    If you don't have a gauge, you do need one.

    You may have a valve that isn't open fully or a loose washer in a stop valve or some other partial blockage restricting the water flow.

    And it would help if you wouldn't capitalize every word.
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