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Thread: Please Help Me With Shower Plumbing

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    Default Please Help Me With Shower Plumbing

    A guy over at the John Bridge tile forum suggested I come over here for some help. I am in the process of building a shower. I recently put in the plumbing and a few of the guys over there are telling me that I have an issue with the horizontal wye. I am pretty sure what I have is a wet vent.

    Honestly, I am not getting a building permit or an inspection but I do want to do it right. As long as it operates correctly and I won't have any major problems the way it is I am fine with it.

    Here are a few pics and also the link to my post at the other forum.


    the plumbing stuff begins on about page 3.

    Thanks for any input I really appreciate it.

    As I say in the pic below. The 3" stack is less than five feet from the drain and actually closer to 3'. This drain comes from a bathtub that is just to the right of the shower. This is a 2" horizontal line.
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