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Thread: Still need a plunger

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    Default Still need a plunger

    The circa-1992 toilet in my house would back-up a couple times a week, so I replaced it with a Toto Drake. I expected I would be able to throw away my plunger, but no such luck. The Drake backs up less frequently, but maybe still once a week.

    My wife uses a lot of toilet paper. But, should paper alone be enough to stop a Drake?

    What can I check to determine if there is something wrong with my plumbing, or if I'm just exceeding the design capacity of the toilet?


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    There has to be a limit on the amount of toilet paper any toilet can handle. The type of paper also is a factor.

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    Toilet paper poll

    Some paper is mainly cotton. Cotton doesn't break down, and is very clingy.
    I sold a toilet to a hair salon, one of the hair stylist used lots of the thick paper.
    It would "pack" the 4" cast iron drain line in the floor.
    The owner would pull the bowl, and pull the paper out of the 4" drain and reinstall the bowl.

    You may also consider a washlet type seat, something that uses water to wash with.
    There would be so much less paper to deal with that way.


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