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Thread: 3-Handle Moen Shower Diverter

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    Default 3-Handle Moen Shower Diverter

    I just got a new diverter for the three-handle shower in my tub. The old one (worn) was "plastic" and you can feel the wear. The new one (Moen Part) is brass. All the parts I need are in the pack PLUS a small tube of cream-like material. Is this a matching compound for the barrel of the new brass diverter valve where it fits into the brass valve body? Or is it additional sealant for the o-rings on the stem? Maybe you can help... Thanks --- EdP

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    The small package is silicone lubricant, used to lubricate the o-rings before inserting the part so that they don't tear.

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    Thank you very much. i definetely appreciate the help. I wasn't sure if that stuff was supposed to be used for the brass parts --- Thanks! --- EdP


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