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Thread: New Install Dishwasher won't drain

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    Default New Install Dishwasher won't drain

    Ok, well I thought I could do this myself. I installed my new dishwasher yesterday and followed all the instructions in the manual. Hooked everything up correctly, etc. The machine runs, is quiet, and seems to wash the dishes. Problem is it does not drain the water. When the cycle is over and the indicator lights indicate "done" I open the door and there is still about 1 inch of water in the bottom. The drain has a loop in it at about 32" high, and the drain line runs down through the floor into a 1.5" PVC pipe with a air vent on the top.

    Any ideas would be great!



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    Check to make sure the dishwasher is plumb. when they aren't leveld correctly they cannot drain completely.

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    The last two dish washers I have bought have had plugs in the discharge line. Maybe yours is still installed in the line when you connected up the other drain line


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