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Thread: is 3/4 pex enough for supply trunk?

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    Default is 3/4 pex enough for supply trunk?

    i started running a hot water 3/4 pex supply trunk this weekend. after i fed the home run to the basement i realized how small the ID of 3/4 pex is. i am a little worried it is too small.

    i am planning on running 2 bath lavs, a shower, a tub, 2 kitchen sinks, dishwasher and possibly a washer and utility sink (they are currently served off one 1/2" line.

    should i up the run to 1" or run a second feed? Should I worry about the temp drop from the h2o heater to fixtures? it is about 70 feet to the fixtures.


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    Talking 3/4 is big enough

    dont worry about it....

    that is large enough and will work fine


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