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    I have a standard setup with a Gould J5SH shallow well pump and a Well-Rite pressure tank. The problem is that the pump is continously running. I have a new pressure regulator, working properly. I have cleaned the jet pump nozzle. I have checked the pressure tank pressure and added air to set the tank pressure to 28 PSI. The initial pressure was 0, so I expect I have a leak in the tank bladder and will be replacing the tank. But, what to do with the pump? Even if I precharge the pressure tank to 28 PSI, I cannot get the system pressure to go above 45 PSI. The pump just runs and will not shut off. There are no water leaks in the system. My initial thoughts are that the pump has seen its better days and should be replaced. Replacing the tank is going to be a bear. Replacing the tank and using the old pump just to find out I have to go back in with a new pump is what I am trying to avoid. Any second opionions based on experience?

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    Maybe the pump is wearing out, impeller-wise. You can go with lower pressure settings, just to see what the pump can produce.

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    Sometimes some crud gets caught in the nozzle which is usually accessible for cleaning through a removable plug on the centerline at the suction side.

    Go to Page 3 of the document at the link and see the location of the nozzle clean-out plug and the nozzle.



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