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Thread: Teflon tape deposits

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    Default Teflon tape deposits

    Teflon tape deposits are coming out of our faucets! What can we do? How much will it cost?

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    Does it look like little white pieces of plastic. Could be your dip tube in the hot water tank breaking apart. Does it only come in when the hot water is used or cold?

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    Default Re: hot water dip tube question

    If it is the dip tube breaking apart, what does that mean? Is the hot water heater shot? The house is 15 years old.

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    I guess maybe I wasn't clear about the word 'deposit' either. The last strip that came out of our tub faucet was over 1" long. We do get particles in our kitchen faucet screen, too.

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    Very doubful that this is teflon tape. Teflon tape is used on the threads of pipe joints to prevent the joints from leaking. It is not inside the pipes. Also, from the description you give, I'd suspect the dip tube in the water heater. These are replaceable, but it may not be worth the cost if the tank is as old as the house. The the heater is only a few years old, then repairs would be in order.

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    Thanks for the help!


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