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Thread: Leak proofing conrete utility room

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    Default Leak proofing conrete utility room

    My utility room, on the lower level, has two water heaters and a water pressure tank. The slab on one side of the room slopes slightly AWAY from the sump drain. I don't want to take out the appliances to correct the slab, but would prefer to simply create a two- or three-inch perimeter "lip" which would create a small pool and compensate for the incorrect slope. BTW, the basement is finished, so this lip idea would also protect the adjoining rooms from run-off. Any suggestions on a product? Something by Kwikrete, perhaps? Thanks!

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    Might be easier to raise the appliances and put them in drain pans. Those pans cld be plumbed easily to the sump.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)


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