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Thread: water in tank keeps dropping

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    Default water in tank keeps dropping

    my water level in the tank keeps dropping activating the float valve.....I shut of the water valve to the toilet and the tank water dropped so I assumed it was the flapper...changed the flapper/same thing...added a new seat kit and flapper/same thing...changed the complete flapper assembly,and all gaskets/same thing.....were is the water leaking to activate the valve?????

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    One possibility is the little black refill tube that runs from the fill valve over to the overflow tube. That refill should be attached to a clip, and spray water down into the overflow. If the little black tube is stuffed down INTO the overflow, it will siphon water from the tank/

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    color the water in the tank, and you'll have a clue as to where it's leaking.

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    the colored water shows up in the bowl.The tank drained down to nothing,even below the flapper seat.I am thinking it is leaking past the flapper assembly gasket in the bottom of the bowl and following the threads past the tank to bowl gasket and into the bowl.There is no leakage outside or on the floor.......??

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    Sometimes, the fill tube from the fill valve into the overflow tube is too far down the tube.
    When this happens, it keeps siphoning water from the tank, into the bowl.
    It may be as simple as lifting the tubing up farther. Fluidmaster fill valves come with parts to point the water into the overflow, that provide an air gap between the fill and the overflow tube.


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