I will be replacing approx. 50 ft of 4" clay sewer pipe from my house to the property line. I will also be adding two cleanouts, one near the house and the other at the property line. I would like some advise on the best type of pipe to replace it with. So far, my research has led me to these 4 options, though I'm open to others.

1. ABS DWV Pipe, Sch. 40
2. PVC DWV Pipe, Sch. 40
3. PVC Sewer Pipe, SDR-35 (either solvent weld or gasketed)
4. PVC Sewer Pipe, SDR-26 (either solvent weld or gasketed)

The ABS pipe and fittings are the most readily available in my area. PVC DWV does not seem as common around here, but I'm sure it can be found and I've seen a lot of recommendations for it on the internet. SDR-35 is available around here, but I'm turned off by the thin wall. SDR-26 looks OK, but I'll bet it will be very difficult to find. So, I'm leaning toward sch 40 DWV pipe, either ABS or PVC. Any of these are O.K. with the city inspector.

I'm more concerned with the quality of the product (longevity, root resistance, etc.) than the price. I would rather spend more now and have it last as long as the clay pipe (60+ yrs) than go the cheap route and have to repair it in the near future. So, what do you recommend and why?