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Thread: Loud Gushing sound when flushing!!!-HELP!!

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    Default Loud Gushing sound when flushing!!!-HELP!!

    Hello---I hope you can help me. I am a new homeowner and my toilets seem to be having some sort of problem. After flushing and as the water starts to fill back up, all of a sudden there is this LOUD gushing like sound! It started doing this yesterday. I don't know if I'm describing it right but it almost sounds like a lot of pressure is being forced in or something. I don't know. I thought that maybe the flush valve inside of the tank needed replacing because at times I do need to jiggle the handle to stop it from running. But this morning, the toilet in the other bathroom did the same thing! Can you give me some idea of what's wrong and what I need to do to fix it? Is it something to do with the water. I mean--to have 2 toilets doing that or is it just coincidence and perhaps both need new flush valves??? I did remove the tank lid at one point while it was flushing to see what I could see. At the point when it starts to get loud, it does appear that for some reason, some how, there is more pressure --it almost looks like the pressure you see from jets in a whirlpool bath.

    I've described this the best way that I can. I hope it makes sense and that you can give me some idea as to what is wrong.

    Thank you SO much

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    I have one toilet that did a similar thing. It probably isn't anything to worry about. It sounded to me that the valve didn't open fully at first, then after it was running for a few moments, it opened up. After a few months, it stopped doing that 2-stage thing. If it bothers you, you could change the fill valve. First, though, make sure you don't have a problem with the shut-off valve - make sure it is fully opened and then see if you can recreate the problem by turning the valve part way closed (you wouldn't want to leave it that way, but try it as an experiment).
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    Thanks for the response. I guess I'm wondering if that would be it because as I said, 2 toilets are doing the same thing. Why would that be??? I know that this is probably a REALLY stupid question, but could it have anything to do with the water softener??? I remembered that I turned it off the other day until I get some more salt for it. Could that have anything to do with the toilets???

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    Default Debri

    You probably have debri in the fill valve. Turn the water off, disassemble the valve and flush the valve out. You probably have the float rod type of ballcock and you would be better off replacing them with a Fluidmaster 400A. I do on all new toilets I install. You should not have to jiggle your trip lever. Your flapper change could be too long and catching underneath the flapper. You should have 5/8" slack. The softener has not caused this unless it has allowed debri to wash into the line.


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