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Thread: pressure switch problems

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    Default pressure switch problems

    I just finished replacing a pressure tank and pressure switch, now when I turn on the power to the pump to fill the tank, the pressure switch cuts on and off quickly until tank is full. what should I do?

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    Talking call a well man

    wells are a pain in the a//

    I have been bitten more than once and left with egg on my face trying to
    repair wells.

    Gave it all up and now refer customers to someone who works on wells only

    the seem to only fail on Sundays. and x-mas

    You could have a problem with a number of things...

    the controll box capacitor, the boot valve down in the bottom of the well,

    a short in the wireing going down th the well

    it goes on and on.

    Find an honest Well man in your area and have him service your system.
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    Default failed to mention....

    the pump is relatively new, and it is submersable. anyway found out I needed to adjust the switch. thanks for your help.

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    The air pressure in the pressure tank should be two psi below your pump cut-on pressure. Turn the pump off, and drain the water pressure completely down and then check it with a tire gauge, and release air if too high, and air it up with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor if too low.
    The pressure switch can be adjusted by turning the adjusting nuts down on the spring-loaded bolts to increase pressure, or up to decrease pressure. If you have only one adjusting post on your switch, it will automatically be set 20 psi apart for cut-on & cut-off. If you have two, the tallest will be for the cut-on pressure.
    Check inside the top of the pressure switch cover, and there may be a diagram to tell you.
    See if this helps solve the problem.
    As Mark said, there can be a whole range of things that can affect a well and pump, but those are the first two things to try.
    Good Luck!

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    got it fixed and all is well. Just needed to adjust pressure cutoff on the switch. thank you again


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