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Thread: finishing basement???

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    Post finishing basement???

    what are the measurements for framing a wall off the centers of each pipe in my basement? i also have a large round plastic cover in the concrete floor and was wondering what that was for? if i could have finished measurements off the drywall id appreciate it. i have a 4 inch pipe, and it looks like 2 2 inch pipes. 1 of the 2 inch pipes has a square in the floor around it with dirt surrounding it like the concrete wasnt poured around it totally.

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    Not exactly sure of your question. Drywall comes in 4'X8' sheets. Is that a question? As far as framing, 2X4 studs are 3". 4" pipes do not fit in 2X4 walls. 3' plastice pipe just squeezes in, but fittings and hubsdo not.

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    no,im wanting to frame some walls and need to know how far does the finished wall need to be from the center of my pvc pipes stubbed up in the floor. im not wanting to put them in the wall, i want to frame up for a bathroom and the pipes are already stubbed up in the concrete

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    If you want help you're either going to have to be clearer with your questions or provide some pictures. I read your post before Jimbo and ignored it because I couldn't understand your questions.


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    If you're concerned about the waste line for the toilet, 12" from the finished wall is pretty-much standard. Supply lines and other waste lines are usually in the wall, shower and bath depend on configurations. A picture and/or diagram of what you've got and what you want would be worth a lot of words.

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    Default basement

    i dont feel a picture would help much. i have a big room in my basement with pipes stubbed up for a bathroom, im wanting to frame that big room into a bathroom and a bedroom. but im not sure where to frame my wall cause of the pipes. whatever measurements the wall needs to be off the center of each pipe determines where i put the wall and thats the measurements im asking about. how far off a finished wall does each pipe need to be to the center of the pipe???

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    As stated, a 'standard' toilet drain is 12" from the finished wall and needs 15" minimum on each side. A tub drain is wherever the silly thing ends up, as there are tubs with end, center and side outlets not counting the huge number of sizes. A shower drain ideally is centered in the area set aside for the shower. The drain lines for the vanity should be cenetered in the wall directly behind the sink. None of the pipes you have may be where your really want them, so see what you have, and selection of tub/shower might work, and if you can't compromise, then move them.
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