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Thread: Any reason this can't be done:

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    Default Any reason this can't be done:

    I'd like to have my service entrance changed.

    The wires drop at the top of the roof, and come down along a soffit towards an eave. Then drop down onto a wall and go around a corner to the wall underneath that eave. Meter is there with panel just inside the house on that side.

    What I'd like to do is this:

    Have the meter moved to the gable side. The conduit run that the wires are in would not have to move but just be shortened. Then, install a new 100A panel inside the house on the gable side of the house.

    No problem so far, right?

    Legally, can the new panel for now have nothing in it but the main breaker, and another say 80A breaker feeding the existing panel? This setup is only temporary, but I'm wondering if that would pass inspection.

    How does that work? If you play with the service entrance cable, of course the power company has to get involved? How do they cut power to one drop?
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