I've personally always liked the underdog. So when the Pats beat the "Greatest show on turf" for their 1st Superbowl victory it was special.
I live in Ma. and naturally want the Pats to win but it won't feel the same as before. I think that Jacksonville presents their biggest challenge, after that I don't think anyone can stop them. If Indy was playing at home...maybe.
As far as the N.F.C I like the way the Giants look right now. Seattle is pretty damn good as well, but Alexander isn't what he used to be, I'd play Morris. I think G.B gets the nod.
The Pats get revenge against Green Bay for the beating they took in 86 when Parcells let them down.
Pats win 35 -17 in the superbowl over Green Bay.
If an underdog comes forward I won't be disappointed.