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    I purchased a TOTO Drake C744SL about 7 months ago based on your website reviews. I was replacing an old Kohler 6.5 gallon flush toilet as part of my bathroom remodel job. While the flush is no problem, the rinsing leaves a lot to be desired. We now have to leave a toilet brush out on the side. Is this because of the combination of a 1.6 gal bowl and 9.5” x 8” water line? I know I am comparing this to my old 7 gallon toilet. I wonder if all 1.6 gal flush units are comparable to this.
    My other bathroom remodel will probably have a toilet with a larger water line. I believe I need to focus more on the best rinse job instead of the flush.

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    It is about the only drawback of the 1.6gpf super toilets... I'll take an easy to brush skidmark over a clogged toilet anyday! Somehow 1/2 the water just doesn't get a great bowl washdown. There are some Toto model with the cyclone flush that concentrate more on bowl wast and less on the flush. They still flush good though.

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    I've only seen one skidmark on my Drakes in the 2+ years they've been in service. Maybe you need a diet change?

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    Redwood: "I'll take an easy to brush skidmark over a clogged toilet anyday!" You've got that right!!! Any toilet (even my 7-gallon washdown toilets that you don't like LOL ) can leave "skidmarks" (or splatters). Someone on this forum keeps a bottle a bottle of bleach in the bathroom to use along with the brush for a quick cleanup. I have adopted the same practice, and both my "antique" and my TOTO were given the bleach and brush treatment today.

    Mikey: "Maybe you need a diet change? " You are right on as well!! Diet and one's physical makeup can definitely cause this problem. Unfortunately, I inherited miserable bowels that have at times made my life a living h... , and have ruined what should have been many good times for me. I have found that a teaspoon of "Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid" in my orange juice helps a lot, for me, and believe it or not eliminates the skidmarks in the toilet. (Sanigloss for the bowels????)



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