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Thread: Hard AZ Water & Softener Recommendations ?

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    Default Hard AZ Water & Softener Recommendations ?

    Greetings Gurus of the Plumbing World,
    I would be most grateful if you could make a recommendation for a water softener for my 1800 sf, Goodyear, AZ home. I've not had our water tested but I've been told by neighbors who have --- that it's pretty high on the hardness scale. There's is only my wife, our Aussie, and a another dog that ressembles a gray squirrel as water consumers. Also, this sticks, chicken wire, and stucco home is plumbed with Wirsbo aquapex. I don't know if occupancy or type of plumbing is relevant but extreme hardness of our water may be a decision factor. We have a salesman at Spensers TV & Appliance who wants us to purchase his Envirotec softener with 64k grains, a flow rate of 35 gpm, & a 6 yr Maxflow valve for $650 + tax. I'd sure appreciate an unbiased, professional opinion since the internet search engines all seem to be steering me to folks with something to sell. But hey --- even in the first 45 minute visit to your forum --- I've concluded that magnets are suitable only for holding notes on the frig --- so I'm not looking for magnet proponents' recommendations. Sorry. Should I go Clack WS-1 and have it shipped to my home or ??? Is there a more environmentally friendly alternative (that works) ?
    Thanks for reading this, Gateway

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    I would get the water tested and size the unit accordingly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gateway View Post
    Greetings Gurus of the Plumbing World,
    May I suggest that you need to talk to Gurus of the Water Softener world... IMO, no one else is capable of comparing one softener or control valve to another.

    IMO based on 21 years in water treatment, you can't beat the Clack WS-1. To learn how to size a softener correctly for your water quality, family size and the constant SFR gpm required by your house, visit here
    Gary Slusser Retired (= out of business)
    Click Here to learn how to correctly size or program a water softener.
    CAUTION, as of Nov 12 2013 all YouTube videos showing how to rebuild a Clack valve have an error in them that can cause damage.

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    Default Thanks for the Suggestions

    I sure appreciate your input. I will have the water tested and I had already sent an e-mail to Gary at Water Quality without knowing that Gary would be one of the responses. I know we'll get this figured out. Thank you again.


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