Greetings Gurus of the Plumbing World,
I would be most grateful if you could make a recommendation for a water softener for my 1800 sf, Goodyear, AZ home. I've not had our water tested but I've been told by neighbors who have --- that it's pretty high on the hardness scale. There's is only my wife, our Aussie, and a another dog that ressembles a gray squirrel as water consumers. Also, this sticks, chicken wire, and stucco home is plumbed with Wirsbo aquapex. I don't know if occupancy or type of plumbing is relevant but extreme hardness of our water may be a decision factor. We have a salesman at Spensers TV & Appliance who wants us to purchase his Envirotec softener with 64k grains, a flow rate of 35 gpm, & a 6 yr Maxflow valve for $650 + tax. I'd sure appreciate an unbiased, professional opinion since the internet search engines all seem to be steering me to folks with something to sell. But hey --- even in the first 45 minute visit to your forum --- I've concluded that magnets are suitable only for holding notes on the frig --- so I'm not looking for magnet proponents' recommendations. Sorry. Should I go Clack WS-1 and have it shipped to my home or ??? Is there a more environmentally friendly alternative (that works) ?
Thanks for reading this, Gateway