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Thread: pull fuses to save on power bill

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    Default pull fuses to save on power bill

    I was in the habit of pulling water heater fuses to save money, having them in sometimes as little as fifteen minutes a day. It worked great, not sure how much I saved. Then, after doing this on and off for about a year, the other day I had no hot water, called plumber. He hit the reset button, $95 for five minute visit. My question is does anyone know that removing fuses regularly, or at all, will eventually cause the reset to trip or cause other problems. I was told it could be thermostat problem, so I'm keeping fuses in for awhile to narrow possibilities. The water heater's in the crawl space, so it's hard to keep an eye on what it's up to.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Unless he checked the elements he is not a good plumber.

    Most times when the reset button pops it is due to an element going bad unless the water was scalding hot just B 4 it went out.

    Do you know how old the heater is?

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    Thanks. He only mentioned thermostats. Water heater is old. Can I safely turn water temp down without turning off power? Thanks again

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    You can adjust the thermostat without turning the power off. In all due respect, turning the tank off and then reheating the water everyday is probably not saving you any money, in fact, it might well be costing you more. Now, if you were going to be gone for a week or more, then there might be some noticeable savings. I don't think that pulling the fuses or switching the breakers is the problem with the heater however.

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    The reset button popping is caused by a bad thermostat or, a bad element, maybe both. Stop playng with the fuses the water heater can run itself once it is fixed.
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    Standby heat loss is pennies per day.
    You use almost the same amount of energy to reheat the tank that you'd use keeping it hot during the day.
    As for the element/T-stat, the above are right...there's a reason the reset popped, simply resetting it isn't the solution to that problem.
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    Default thanks

    for your knowledge!

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    got it. Thanks much!


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