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    I need to add an additional heating vent in my basement. The furnace is in their,but, I get too little heat in there for me when I use my treadmill. Anyone know?

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    All you might have to do is add a return duct. It's hard to push air into the room without a clear path back into the duct system on the return side - it needs to circulate. If you add a return, you'll likely see a lot more flow out of the existing duct. If that isn't enough, then add an extra outlet.
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    I am going to call the furnace people who put my new furnace in. They were great. I should really do this for several reasons. It might help keep the upstairs warmer, too. I need to be warm during the winter months or I will get sick again, and lordy, lordy, I don't want to do that. If it is difficult or impossible to do, I have an open stairwell in the basement and was told I couldn't do a higher efficiency due to it, I will just buy a huge space heater. But, sure would be nice to have it warm even if to do the laundry. I can't even get a chill.


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