Hello.... I have recently had an issue with my well water coming into my home. I noticed that when I opened any of the faucets no water came out. So I went to the pressure switch and turned it from auto to start and water came rushing in. I would hold it on start until it filled up and the pressure was back to normal and things were fine. Well it would happen again almost minutes later & I would have to do this over and over again. Now & then I would turn it to start and get nothing, but most of the time it filled up with water. I noticed no leaks. But that if I continued to go and turn the pressure switch from auto to start, water normally comes in for as long as I hold start. I went out to the well to measure water levels with a string and weight attached to the bottom. I believe, the well from top of cap to bottom was 21ft (though not 100% sure- I never did it before), and that it was filled up to 10ft with water, and the other 11 ft were empty. I am not sure how far down the pump is... but I really need some help trying to troubleshoot and figure out what to do to get water to my wife and 2 children without getting a plumber I really dont have money for. But ANY help would be much appreciated , and thank you in advance!