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Thread: Do you powerflush your radiators? ;)

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    Wink Do you powerflush your radiators? ;)

    No, I don't mean toilets. I mean radiator sludge.

    I'm the new owner of some old huge cast-iron radiators (and the house that goes with it). I imagine that these radiators haven't been cleaned in some time. I'm thinking that before I put in a new mod/cons boiler that a cleaning may be appropriate.

    The brits seem to have the concept of the "powerflush" with powerflushing machines:


    (FWIW, my system looks exactly as pictured, though I'll have to wait for my "mr. cheapies" infrared thermometer to arrive to get an accurate idea of temperature distribution.) I'm having a lot of trouble finding information on the web about this idea in the United States. Googling powerflush or similar terms gets me a lot of info on british heating, american cars, and water efficient toilets. I can't imagine that it is *that* rare a concept in the Northeast, with all the old steam-to-forced-hot-water conversions like mine.

    So do you guys and gals powerflush, and if so, what do you call it?
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    I've cleaned out copper and aluminum radiators using white vinegar.

    The most complex I got was when I used a drill pump and a pail on one unit.

    There is the risk of causing it to leak since you will be removing some of the metal in the process.
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