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Thread: Second Floor Laundry Room Help

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    Default Second Floor Laundry Room Help

    I need some help with planning the drain lines for an upcoming project to move our first floor level laundry room to the second floor. The new laundry room will be located adjacent to a bathroom so my plan was to tie into the supply and drain lines along that wall. I have some diagrams attached to show the proposed setup.

    My question is around the drain lines. I want to install a washing machine drain pan. My concern is making sure I donít get a backflow situation with the drain pan coming from the toilet or bathtub that is downstream of the drain pan. My plan was to have p-traps for both the drain pan and washing machine standpipe. Based on my rough drawings attached, do you see any issues with the proposed layout?

    I was also planning on installing auto shutoff valves (the Watts system) for the washing machine supply lines.

    I need to locate the vent line. Are there any requirements for additional venting for adding a washing machine drain?

    Any other gotchas I should be aware of when installing a second floor laundry room?

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