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Thread: Briggs Vacuity toilet review and comments. Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

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    Angry Briggs Vacuity toilet review and comments. Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

    Background: I am a homeowner, and while not a professional, I've managed to do a lot of my own electrical and plumbing most of the time, and this isn't the first toilet i've replaced.

    One of my kids flushed a tube of toothpaste down our old 1988 toilet that I hated anyway because it got clogged often, so I headed down to our local (large warehouse-type store) to find a suitable replacement.

    Standing there in the aisle looking at all the toilets, it struck me how impossible it was to make an objective comparison between any of the thrones presented. There in the store, you're pretty much deciding by picking the one with the best lies in their brochures. The employee there asked if I needed help, and I told her what I was looking for -- brown (bone, almond, whatever), round bowl, and able to flush a concrete block if possible. Based on the recommendation of the employee there (a whole bowl full of marbles! really!) and the shiny brochure, I purchased and brought home a Briggs Aegis Vacuity toilet.

    Brought my new purchase home, pulled the old toilet, wax ring down, bowl down, tighten, tank, lid, water supply, fix the leak, all is good. Where's the newspaper, time to test this puppy out.... and on it's inaugural run, it got it's first clog.

    son of a ...


    what the.. plunger doesn't fit?

    Anyway, posted to say thanks for the site and the review of the Vacuity. Dunno why I didn't check the Internet first for this, I would have saved the effort of pulling this one, returning it, and finding a suitable replacement. Speaking of which, anyone in here a dealer for Toto in Indiana?
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