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Thread: Need help with shower leak

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    Default Need help with shower leak

    Our bathroom shower has had a slow leak for a while now. Yesterday, it became a much faster leak. My husband took off the shower head so we assume the leak is coming from the pipe itself. He also took off both knobs to tighten them inside as much as possible. The shower is still leaking just as quickly. Any ideas what the problem could be or what more we can do to troubleshoot this situation?

    Thanks so much! I'm so glad to have found this site.

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    Sorry, I guess I should have explained that the leak is coming from the showerhead after the shower is turned off.

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    You need to turn off the main water supply, remove the handles and disassemble the stems or cartridges inside. Replace the entire stem/cartridge or replace the rubber parts involved. If it is an older unit, there is also a seat which the washer seats to. The seat also unscrews to be replaced. If you could post a picture of the handles or under the handles, we would possibly recognize the brand and model to give more specific advice.

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    Thank you so much for your advice. Do you think this is something my husband could do on his own or do you recommend that we call in a professional plumber?

    If you you think we can do it on our own, I'd love to post a picture to see if you recognize the brand and model. Can you tell me how I do that on this BB.

    Thanks again so much!


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