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Thread: What will it take to turn wall mount plumbing into floor mount?

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    Default What will it take to turn wall mount plumbing into floor mount?

    Okay, so we are in escrow on this home, built in 1971. I didn't notice until the inspection, that the toilets are wall mounted. This sort of freaks me out. Is there a weight limit on these things? I can just see one of us plopping our fannies on the toilet, and crash....ending up on the floor. We aren't tiny peoples. Although I have to say, they've made it this long. They flush funny. I mean, they work, but it's just not like the good 'ol fashioned white floor mounted toilets I'm used to. And one is baby blue, the other is yellow LOL.

    What would it take to switch the plumbing for a floor mounted toilet? I was discussing it with the real estate agent, and her brother, a contractor (there helping the inspector with a stuck window) and he was explaining (in terms I'm really not familiar with) that everything should be there, but we would need to go into the concrete, and switch the plumbing to go down there. At first, this seemed like a major undertaking. But floor mounted back outlet toilets are expensive anyway. And the whole bathroom is eventually going to be redone. Has anyone done this? Is it a nightmare? Am I better off just spending the money on a floor mounted back outlet toilet?

    There's a pic attached. Not the best one, sorry. What IS this thing? I know the toilet has been there since at least 86. I guess it's designed to use less water?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    It will take a plumber you trust and an open checkbook.

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    Have you got a basement or, a crawspace? Hope so! Slab adds more digits!

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    No basement. No crawlspace. Just a slab foundation.

    I had no idea toilets could cause such drama. I figure, I've only seen one or two models of floor mount back outlet toilets. And they run around $600. So that's $1200 for 2. Then, after I try to put them in, and something doesn't match up, and I've read my install toilets book, cursed and thrown things, and still can't get it done right, or lined up, then I will have to hire someone to do it. More money. So I wonder how much more it would be to have someome change the plumbing, and put in a cheaper toilet. I guess I need an estimate. I know it's impossible for someone to look at the pic and tell me how much something like that would cost. But I have NO idea what it would cost to put in a "regular" floor mounted toilet and dig in the foundation. Not even a ballpark idea.

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    Looks like a 4 bolt american standard toilet.

    Best advice I can ever give you in this situation; DON'T F with it.

    Don't worry about it, just use it. Those are notorious for not having issues with the seal to the wall. There's a cast-iron bracket that holds that toilet on the back, similar to a carrier used in commercial blowout toilets.

    IF you want to burn a couple grand per toilet just because you don't trust what's been working for 30 plus years......go for it. But I promise....with the exception of finding the innards for that toilet, I'd leave well enough alone.

    If someone in your house is overweight, make a small wood support for the underside of it if you're worried of someone breaking it.

    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Okay, That makes me feel better. Thanks!


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