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Thread: Water will flush but not paper

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    Default Water will flush but not paper

    When flushed, my toilet will get rid of the water but the force of the water doesn't seem to carry the paper with it. Plunging helps but does not permanently solve the problem.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Take a 5 gallon bucket and put 3-4 gallons in it. Pour it in the bowl as fast as you can. If the toilet flushes normally then the water ways are restricted with mineral build up and the unit may need to be replaced. You can try acid and try using a coat hanger and mirror and open the holes under the bowl rim but these are normally temporary at best.

    If you pour the water in and it does not flush normally you have a stoppage in the bowl or drain line.

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    You have a clog in the drain line. There are three pieces of advice: (1) Do not dump any chemical drain opener product into the toilet. (2) Do not try to snake this drain yourself. (3) Do call a plumber who can professional auger your drain. The reasons are, chemicals don't work on clogs like this but does create a bio-hazard for the person who you finally call to work on the problem. The small size hand snakes available to a homeowner are too small to clear the problem and often make it worse. A professional has the proper equipment and skill to open the drain.

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