Hi all....
I am at the point to set stone on the floors in my master bath but starting to think if I should tile the walls first. (Basically I forgot to order Reno TK floor profile and with the holidays and delayed shipping I need to move forward with something)

In addition to the floors I am setting subway on 3 walls about 5 ft up. So the idea would be to leave the bottom row of tile out, set the stone on the floor then fill in the bottom row.
concerns are:
1. running the subway directly to the floor with no base board, I am not using floor cove subway tile either.
2. the subaway is 1/4" thick Daltile this dosent leave me much room for wall tolerance for the stone and I know its not good to but the stone directly up to the wall without a gap.

Am I putting myself into a jam by not having a base board wether its stone or wood to cover this tolerance gap? Maybe this gap should be small enough to hide with the subway tile?