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Thread: GFCI Breaker vs. Receptacles

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    Default GFCI Breaker vs. Receptacles

    Hello All-
    I am wanting to get opinions on wiring bathroom outlets, kitchen counter outlets, oudoor outlets, etc. on GFCI breakers or if I should do GFCI receptacles instead? This is new construction. Thanks in advance.

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    A breaker protects the whole circuit, but usually costs much more. A GFCI receptacle protects that receptacle location and is usually wired to protect all location after that on the circuit.

    If you want to protect the whole circuit with a GFCI receptacle then you put it at the first receptacle location on the circuit.

    Another advantage of the circuit breaker is that when the circuit trips out you know where to look to reset it. If it is a receptacle you need to find the receptacle, which may not be in an obvious or even logical location.

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    I think the price of a 3-pack of GFCI receptacles is about the same as a single 20A GFCI breaker. (Not as bad as the AFCI breakers you'll need shortly though.)

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    New construction use receps.


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