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Thread: Cedar Closet

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    Default Cedar Closet

    Hey guys,

    I'm in the process of remodeling a house. I built a large walk in closet in the master bedroom. Since the beginning of this project I've wanted to ceder line the closet. Mainly for the bling factor that might bring higher bids when I sell.

    The cost of the project is roughly $400. This if for tongue and groove plank.

    I'm concerned about the smell the closet will have. This will be a general use closet. In addition, I'm pretty certain that I'll have to keep the door closed at all times. Inconvenient I'm thinking.

    Does anyone have experience with a closet like this? What are the pros and cons?

    I'll be living in this house for about 2-3 years while the market corrects.



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    Default cedar

    Personally, I would not have a cedar closet as the general use closet, for the very reasons you state. I would use it for long term storage, because its biggest advantage is to prevent moth damage.

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    My personal opinion ( and I think better than a man's on this, lol.) is that a cedar lined closet would be great!

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    I have done this, and find no down-side. Any odor is a pleasant one, not overpowering like moth balls. And strength of the odor will diminish quickly as the wood is exposed to air. In fact, to provide optimum moth protection, when that is the goal, you have to scrape or rough sand the surface every year or so to remove the oxidized layer.

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    What I'm looking for here is bang for the buck. I want a woman to come into the house and look at her husband and say if you don't buy this house I will make your life miserable. So basically in the end, it is bang for the buck! Pun intended.

    So Jimbo, you did this to one of your closets? Was it in a room you slept in?

    I just don't want to be totally annoyed by this the entire time I live there. I have also heard that you need to sand the thing down to get it to smell again so maybe it won't be so bad. I do like the smell of cedar a lot but I don't want it to be overwhelming.

    Thanks to the responses and for Cookie's womanly opinion.


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    Initially the smell will be overpowering but will eventually over months, decline.

    The only way you'll get the strongest scent will be to actually get inside the closet to get near the wood.

    At that point, you'll think the lack of smell hinders its protective nature.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Here is what most women would want to have in their closet:

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    While the cedar is great, I think you will get 'more juice from the squeeze' with really nice closet organizer (glass doors etc.)
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    You are probably right!

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    I've been looking into those but they are extremely pricey. The closet is about 11 x 7. I think I would quickly exceed the $400 for the ceder with an elaborate closet organizer. Even at Lowes prices. In a lot of cases the inserts are $50. Meaning you buy a set of shelves and a shoe rack incert that slips right in is $50.

    I was thinking Ceder $400, home made shoe rack that runs around the perimiter of the room in an L shape with a heel strip in material will cost be about $150. Hanging Rod Double stack on one side and Single on the other about $100. Shelf above single side Maybe $100. That is about $750. I don't think I go with the closet organizers for that little.

    I'm looking at the Lowes flyer right now that shows the cherry colored stuff. A 25" stackable tower base (That is two shelves 25" wide and maybe 3' tall is $48.98. The doors to make it look like a cuppord are $44.88. So your talking $100 just for two shelves with doors.

    Is there a better way to accomplish this?


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    What about looking at this for ideas?
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    I've had organizers put into all the bedroom closets in my home. IIRC, custom designed and fitted, they were about $700 or so each. What a world of difference. Each has a set of drawers, shoe racks and multiple adjustable hanging sections. Each closet holds about three times the amount of stuff then they did with just the rod and a shelf.

    Cedar sounds like a PITA to maintain in working order (I looked into that to go with the organizers).



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