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Thread: ????? vs. Ultramax

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    Default ????? vs. Ultramax

    Help. During our masterbath remodel we installed the Ultramax and love it, except for having to use the brush at times after flushing to clean up the entire bowl. NEVER CLOGGED. Love the flushing. Now its time for the guest bath - not sure if we should go for the Ultramax or try something else. We love the Promenade and the Clayton, however they are 2-piece and much larger. Any recommendations???

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    Default Stick with what works

    I have three Ultramax's and one other two-piece Toto. My recommendation: stick to the Ultramax. I've never had a problem with them, and I have had a problem with the two piece model.

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    The Toto Clayton would be a good choice. It has a deeper bowl and better flush than the Promonade.

    One-piece toilets are nice, but the two piece will work fine too.
    I sell and install hundreds of both every year.


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