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Thread: pressure reducing valve

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    Default pressure reducing valve

    Has anyone had any experience with putting in a pressure reducing valve? My water pressure in my home is 105 psi. From what i understand 30-40 is about normal? does it need to be on a horizontal pipe or can i put it on a vertical? How long do they last? What happens when they break? do they leak or does it just increase the pressure back to 105?

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    A valve will have instructions on it, but I think any model can be installed on a vertical pipe.

    When they fail, it usually involves leak by, meaning the pressure on the house creeps up to full street pressure; or they get "stuck" such that when you turn on a tap, the pressure drops. They don't "leak" if you mean a puddle on the floor! They can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years. A lot depends on your local water quality. Water with grit or sand, or high mineral content, will shorten life. The valves will cost in the range of $35 to $85.

    Residential PRV often are preset at the factory at 55 PSI. In general, the adjustable range is 25 to 75. The normal, or user-friendly , range, is condsidered to be in that 50 to 65 range.

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    I did have an old one leak around the adjustment, but just a drip drip. It's like jimbo said.

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    you can install a pressure reducing valve either verticle, or horizontal. it would be a good idea to buy a pressure gauge, that you can thread onto your laundry tub faucet, and turn the water on overnite, and check to see what your water pressure really is, so you can adjust your regulator to any pressure you want. i was under the impression, that good water pressure should be around 50-60.....


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