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    I've been thinking about totally redoing the sump pits in my recently purchased house and I need some advice and feedback for my plan to redo them.

    I currently have 2 clay sump pits, 1 that is attached to 4 inch drain tile and one that is not attached to any drain tile. The pit with the drain tile has the main sump pump and the other pit has a Big Dog battery backup pump and a water powered sump pump. There is a groove cut out of the concrete floor that connects the main pit to the backup pit and allows water to overflow to the backup pit without getting on the basement floor. I have attached a picture here that illustrates what I am talking about.

    What I would like to do, is consolidate the 2 pits into one larger basin. I haven't been able to find anything marketed as a sump basin that is the size I want, but I have found some sewage basins that are. I was looking at a Dayton 24"x36" sewage basin to use as a new sump basin. Is it ok to use a sewage basin as a sump basin? Also, would I need to drill holes in the bottom of the sewage basin to let ground water in that might be below the pit? Right now, it looks like water enter both my pits from the bottom as well as from the drain tile.

    Any comments will be much appreciated
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