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Thread: Flange fittings for replacing an older toilet

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    Default Flange fittings for replacing an older toilet


    I'm replacing my 50+ year old original toilet with a new EcoDrake model. There is no center bolt on this old toilet. Can anyone make some guesses about what issues I might face once the toilet is removed ? There is an old iron waste pipe (the house is up off the ground - pier and beam) below that was in good shape last time I had someone look.

    I can hire a plumber if need be, however the handyman is going to do a lot of work on the house in the next month - so it seemed easier to have him include it on his list.

    I've attached an image of the bottom of the present "Standard" toilet.

    Liz, Miami, Fl
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    It's the back set of bolts on the bowl.
    That should be centered on the drain.
    The Eco Drake will need 11-1/4" from the finished wall to fit.
    If the drain is 4", you have some wiggle room.

    Did they glue the bowl down?

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    Default Flange fittings for replacing an older toilet


    Yes, the bolt hole closest to the wall is exactly 11 1/4", so it should just fit. I have no idea if they glued the toilet down. Unfortunately, this is a one bathroom house.

    I was wondering about the 11 1/4" measurement to the back bolt and knew I might need a different rough-in than the standard 12" - so hopefully the EcoDrake will fit. The plumbers I spoke to over the phone didn't want to come look for a fee - they just wanted me to hire them to do the job and none had any idea what I was talking about when I told them the 11 1/4" measurement to the back bolt.

    I guess it is time to hire a plumber. There is just too much that could go wrong and I really rather not stay in a hotel for a week because replacement parts are "on order".

    Thanks much for the reply.

    Liz, Miami, Fl

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    I bet the reason the bolt holes are 11-1/4" from the wall is that the plumber who roughed in the waste line didn't know that there was to be a tiled wall behind the WC.

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    Default 11 1/4"

    What do you mean the "plumbers didn't know what I was talking about"? If that is the case,;
    1. They are not plumbers, and
    2. You do not want them anywhere near your plumbing, and
    3. You never want them working on a time and material basis.


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