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Thread: pressure too high leaking pressure valve

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    Default pressure too high leaking pressure valve


    Just found this forum.
    House is nine years old, well, with Well X trol WX-250 tank.

    Tonight I noticed my pressure relief valve was leaking water and the water pressure was approaching 70psi. (Heard a noise and that was it) When I shut the pump off and drained the system the pressure would decrease to 20 or so and the leaking from the valve would stop. Replaced the valve, recharged system and pressure shot up to near 70 and leaking from the valve began again.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are very much appreciated.

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    With the limited information, it sounds like the problem may be the pressure switch not cutting off properly.
    If the WellX pressure is about 18 psi when the pump is off and the water pressure drained down, your pump must be set for 20-40 psi cut-on/cut-off, and the tank bladder is O.K. The tank pressure should be two psi below your cut-on.
    The pressure relief valve (on the water heater I assume) should not leak until the pressure is 150 psi, so it may have some debris in it. Open it wide open to flush it out, and then close it and see if that solves the leaking.
    I would replace the pressure switch. Make sure that all lines and connections from the pressure tank to the switch are cleared of any clogging.
    Good luck!

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    First verify that the gauge is working properly. Maybe install a new gauge.

    Most submersible pump sustems have a relief valve at around 75 psi; often non-adjustable.

    Do you get a normal cycle of at least 30 seconds (it should be a minute or more) from when the switch comes on at the low setting until the pressure reaches the intended cutoff pressure? If the time is much less then you may have insufficient air in the tank and may have a failed bladder. If the tank is completely waterlogged you could be getting a pressure spike that is popping the relief valve and it won't re-seat until the pressure drops below the relief setting.

    And it could be a failed pressure switch, or one that has been adjusted too high.

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    Thank you for the replies.
    The well kicks on at just below 40 psi.
    The pressure quickly rises to 60 psi. (around 30 seconds)
    The well kicks off at 60 psi but the pressure continues to rise to 70 psi or so and the pressure relief valve off the X-trol tank starts leaking. It has a 75 psi rating.
    I replaced the pressure valve and it had no effect on the leaking.
    Suggestions on what to do or check next.


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