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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this site and have very limited plumbing knowledge.
    A friend of mine just Purchased a new home. The kitchen sink gurgles the contractor says it is because of the condensation pump. Question it is extremely dry here and the temp is around 30 fahrenheit Why would a condensation pump even be running? It is a forced air furnace.
    Thanks in advance for replies

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    Some 90 plus high efficiency furnaces need to get rid of the moisture from the heating process. The water needs to go somewhere.

    Furnaces in the 80% range don't have as much moisture to get rid of.
    On some 90% and higher furnaces, they run plastic chimneys, metal will rust out.

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    Hi Terry
    thanks for reply
    I now understand the high efficiency furnace
    But is there something wrong with the way the condensate pump is vented to the drain system to cause the LOUD gurgling?
    Thanks Greg

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    You might be able to relocate the drain line from the condensate pump, maybe the washing machine stand pipe?

    Some high efficiency heating devices can produce as much as 5-6 gallons per hour.
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    Hi, I had gurgling in my pipes and we had to get up on the roof and clean out the air vent. That did the trick. I also had gurgling when I flushed the toilet and that was stopped once we cleaned out the pipes on the roof. Maybe that will help. Deb


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