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Thread: nuheat floor mats wire hookup

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    Default nuheat floor mats wire hookup

    I am hooking up heated floor mats, by Nuheat, with their reccommended Thermostat. Question is when running the wires, from the mat to the power hookup, Should they be run directly into the wall and up to the box or do they need to be run on the outside of the wall up to the powersource? If the latter, how does one enclose the box? Is there a cover plate that will work? KellyO

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    You notch the bottom plate of the wall, then run the wires inside the wall to the t'stat box. There should be a metal plate to install along the bottom plate to protect the wiring from nails, screws, etc.

    I cannot get any of NuHeats installation instructions to download at this time.
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    Just my 2 worth.

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    Typically with floor heat, the line-voltage wires need to be protected somehow as they run up the wall.

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    Did you read the instructions? The wires get snaked up the wall after the drywall is installed. Please read the directions.

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    Default Nu Heat

    I downloaded the pdf file for the Installation, and it does not show how to rough in the wiring. Go to www.suntouch.com and click the literature link on the home page. From here, go to manuals and guides, and click on elctrical rough -in. It will show a nice perspective view of a wall section and wire paths. Nu-heat is a bit different, but the basics are the same.
    I hope this helps!


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