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Thread: Old Fashioned Rasied tank style toilet

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    Default Old Fashioned Rasied tank style toilet

    Has anyone ever installed one of these? What a nightmare. Mount tank up high. connect prebent tubes from tank to toilet (must be dead on). Water supply the same. The thing I dont understand is the 1.5" drain tube from tank to toilet connects in the back of the toilet with just a rubber style bushing, simular to a shower drain style. Any movement in the tube will cause leaks. There is no mechanical seal. Push the rubber in to far it will jus go all the way in. any info will help.


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    Default toilet

    Not familiar with that connection. All the ones I have ever seen or installed had a slip joint connection with a slip nut to seal it.

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    This is a common toilet spud:

    You have to wonder, if the old plumbing was so good, why don't we still use it?

    There is not really pressure in the tube, but there is a head of water. These are commonly connected with a rubber slip joint washer. (I don't know what it is that you have.) The only ones I've dealt with in recent years were cheapies from "renovation" companies. Personally, I don't see the attraction.


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