I have a two-piece Toto (not sure of the specific model name) with a fill valve set that includes the "ball" that floats up as the water level rises. Ever since the plumber installed it, it doesn't stop running after flushing. I need to pull the lid off and manually "help" the ball get up to a level where the water shuts off. The plumber who did this is not someone I'd recommend or ever use again for a variety of other reasons, so I'd rather tackle the repair on my own. Will the "Korky" Quiet Fill valve work on any Toto model? And, any suggestions on where to find that in the Seattle area? Thank you so much!

PS: I have three Toto Ultramax's in my other bathrooms, and want to say a sincere thanks to Terry for his recommendations on this site. It sounds a little funny to get excited about a toilet, but these are the best toilets I've ever used.