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Thread: American Standard Champion vs. Toto Drake

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    Exclamation American Standard Champion vs. Toto Dalton

    Talk about a coincidence. If you have been reading here lately, you know I just installed a Toto Dalton and everything is good.

    To my surprise, I just found out that on the very same day, my sister-in-law in Tennessee had an American Standard Champion installed. This is going to be like a faceoff, well, maybe.

    I know we are comparing two different "price range " toliets but I am just hopeing that she got the, the, well, let's say, the "corrected" model with no leaking problems. She was impressed with the 28 golf balls promo.......... I don't have the heart to tell her about the 500 grams vs. 650 grams results. Maybe it doesn't make that much difference??

    This is going to be interesting to see how everything goes down. (sorry) too corny, too corny........
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