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Thread: temporary odor when sink is turned on.

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    Default temporary odor when sink is turned on.

    I get this 10 seconds rotten odor when I turn on the bathroom sink faucet when not in used for a while, say an hour or so. Please can some one give me a suggestion or a remedy for this menace. Thanks... firstomni
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    Default odor

    Liquid Plummer down the overflow opening in the sink.

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    Check to see if the smell is coming from the water. If so, it may be that the faucet is infected. Plastic faucets have a tendency to love bacteria. I've had plastic kitchen faucets that would do that. The bacteria grow inside, producing a rotten-egg smell like sulphuric acid when the faucet is turned on. It's also possible that it's coming from plastic supply tubes under the sink. I've not found the problem with plastic water line, such as PEX, PB, or CPVC.

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    Pour some bleach in the overflow of the sink. Use a turkey baster if you only have a small opening.

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    I go with Herk on this, if it is in the water. To find out fill a glass with water and leave the room and smell it, quickly. Do you have a well? Do you rent a water softner with the monthly replacement tanks? If so you need to chlorinate the faucet, to do that you have to hook up a chlorine tank in in main line with a set of by pass valves, if you rent tanks then they can do it where they hook up the softner tank. Turn on that faucer until you smell the chlorine and let it set a while. You can always have some one chlorinate the well, which should be done once and a while anyway. If you have city water then it is odd to have such a smell in one faucet. It happens a lot in hot water tanks with softned water in with case you change the anode rod, but one faucet usually means bacteria in that faucet. If you have city water then do you use a softner or filters on the water? The same could happen with bacteria, just remove the filter and let the chlorine from the city do the job.


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