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Thread: My Latest Song-- A Love Ballad

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    Default My Latest Song-- A Love Ballad

    This song, "A Corner of My Mind", is based on a poem I found on the net. I Had to modify it a bit and add a chorus and third stanza.

    As usual, I wrote all the music, played all the instruments (all VST's), recorded the vocal, mixed and mastered everything myself.

    I also added five other songs that will be in my upcoming CD.

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    I like your songs Eric, but they make me cry! I need happy songs...

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    That's what my mother said, too. LOL
    I'll work on it.

    I hope you're feeling better.

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    I wrote a song in 1972 I never really put it to music, it is more lyrics than anything, I am not sure even if it is very good but if you would like to put it to music you are welcome to, but I want to retain the intellectual property to it, are you interested, Eric?

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    Why don't you PM me the lyrics, and I'll see if it is something I can work with.

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    Thank you Eric, you've done justice to it. It is beautiful. Cookie


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