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Thread: MS Paint is relatively easy to use

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    Default MS Paint is relatively easy to use

    Learning to use MSPaint is not terribly difficult. First start it up, then click on “View” at the top and be sure “Tool Box”, “Color Box” and “Status Bar” are all checked (turned on). At that point, just click on any of the drawing tools to make their respective lines, boxes, circles and so on, or to use the eraser. Most tools have options like tip size and line thickness, and those options show up in the “tool options area” just below the tools and while the tool is selected. To draw something, first click on the tool. Then move your cursor to where you want the line or box or whatever to begin and left-click (and continue holding your click button down) its beginning point. While still holding your click button down, go to where you want the line or box or circle or whatever to end and release your button. To fill an area (like inside a box or circle) with color, first click on the paint can, then select a color at the bottom of the screen just before clicking on the area to be filled.

    Give it a try and play around a bit and you just might be surprised by just how talented just about anybody can ultimately prove to be!

    I am no expert here, but I will gladly try to help anybody who might ask.

    I used a free program called “IrfanView” to capture the screen shot of MS Paint, and I used MS Photo Editor to crop that shot down to a smaller size before using MS Paint to copy and paste the top and bottom of the screen together before adding the text and lines.
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    Check out http://www.gimp.org/

    That will do what you want with just one program. It will run on wintrash.
    There is alot more to in the worl than wintrash stuff and most does it better and costs less or free.
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