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Thread: ISE Hot Water Dispenser Installation

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    Cool ISE Hot Water Dispenser Installation

    ISE hot water dispenser tank failed after 3 years and replacing with the new stainless model that is larger. Due to a tight space, i cannot get the new tank as close to the faucet, and the tubing needs to be replaced with longer tube. There are three tubes, and i have questions about 2 of them.

    ISE authorized service and ISE customer service say that the blue 1/4" tubing cannot be replaced and that i need to buy a new faucet ($180)! Does anyone have another source for this tubing? It seems similar to 1/4" poly for cold water dispensers.

    The latex tubing has thicker walls than what is stocked in similar material at Home Depot. Any problems there?

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    The stuff may be heat sealed, or crimped on at the factory, and there's no convenient way to do a field repair. This is just a guess.
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    If you can find a fitting that matches the tube size you should be able to splice in a piece of tubing that is rated for the temperature and pressure. If it is a cold water line you could use nylon or perhaps high pressure rated polyethylene. If it is a hot water line then you need to be careful to get properly rated fittings and tube.

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    Default tubes

    The ISE unit is an atmospheric unit so the hot water has NO pressure on it. You can use John Guess slip on fittings, which is what ISE uses at the tank.


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