Hi all - brand new to this forum and will start out asking for help determining why my shower control knob is so darn noisy. I have two showers in the house and they both are the same. They are Delta's and they both have this high pitched water flow noise coming from the control knob area when you turn them on. This is a single knob that you turn left for hot and right for cold, and up and down for more or less water flow. There is also a push rod below the knob to start and stop the shower head. The noise only happens when you activate the shower and is actually so loud it's obnoxious. If you wrap a face cloth around where the knob is connected it knocks down on 50% of the noise.

Has anyone run into this situation and can you tell me why this piece of equipment is so noisy? Is there anything I can do about it short of complete replacement?

The shower and all plumbing is about 20 years old but has always worked just fine, but it also has always made this loud noise. We do have really good water pressure from the city water system, but not to the point that it would knock a glass out of your hand.

Thanks in advance for any information on this concern…… Bob