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Thread: New Water Softener Install Question

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    Default New Water Softener Install Question

    I want to install a new water softener in my water heater closet (there is a drain line there). The house (built in 1981) did have a water softener before I bought it but it was outside and the previous owner took it. I want all water softened (hot and cold) except for the 2 outside faucets that were installed with the old softener. They rise from up the ground and not attached to the house.
    My question is: What is the best way to tap into the water line on the side of the house and get incoming housw water to the new softener location by the water heater? I would think the water line runs from the meter perpendicular alongside the garage, then turns and heads towards the water heater where it splits for a hot water line into the heater and cold water line, then after the heater they were kept in the same trench to each faucet but I don't know where it splits. Would the split be right before it rises for the water heater? I would be willing to cut the concrete to tap the hot and cold line if it was there. 2nd option would be to tap into line next to house, run Pex inside house and up wall into attic and over to water heater closet. I have included a rough diagram if it helps.
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